Woodrow Sexton

Elder Woodrow Sexton
    Ordained 1957

Woodrow Sexton

 1963 –  Served as Pastor at Union United Baptist Church

Woodrow Sexton, 81 of Louisa , Kentucky entered into eternal rest January 14, 1996. 

Brother Woodrow was a minister of Jesus Christ for over (40) years.  He served as pastor for churches in West, Virginia and Kentucky.  He traveled as an evangelist throughout the Tri-State Region, and labored long in the vineyard of the Lord.  Brother Woodrow’s passing was sad in that we will miss his wise counseling and warm ways.  In his life was the testimony of a better place that awaits those, who put their trust in Christ.  Brother Woodrow was blessed of God with stamina and a surpassing knowledge of the word of God.  Brother Woodrow preached the Gospel as long as his health permitted.  And then he lived out the days of failing health as an example of patience through tribulation.  His ministry continued until the moment his Heavenly Father called him home.  Of all the sermons God blessed him to deliver, including many he preached as a pastor of the Rockcastle United Baptist Church in Inez, KY., his own life was the greatest.  And in his life, as in his sermons,
Brother Woodrow asked everyone the same question, “What shall (you) do then with Jesus, who is called Christ?”

The following information was taken from the Zion United Baptist Minutes:

While in the stand Woodrow Sexton preached:

1972 – “You that are in trouble come in and rest with us.” He stated that Communism will rule the world before the time comes that God shall destroy the world.  Manifesting much wisdom in his short time in the stand. 

 1976 “This may be the last time Old Zion could be meeting, knowing that the Lord is soon coming.  And saying that, the church is as old as time.”

 1977 – “The Church is alive and well.”

 1981 – “He who believeth shall have everlasting life.” He also expounded on Christ’s soon coming.

 1982 – He told of the “Power of the Church.”  Brother Woodrow being inspired on the power of God and knowing what he can do for them that love and serve him telling the Brothers to let this power move as God leads it.  He also read I Thessalonians and then bean to preach.

 1983 – Expounded on the Old Church and feetwashing Christian that God will return to receive.

 1985 – Woodrow took about 30 minutes and told how the world was trying to change the Church by changing the Bible in the way that would lead our children astray and telling how that Paul told the Church to live up to all that God’s word tells and not stray from it. He also used the text II Thessalonians, Chapter 1: 6-10.  Preaching the death, burial and the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  He ended his preaching on the anit-christ kingdom that was to come.