In Loving Memory

Those who have gone on before us. 

We cannot communicate with those who have passed to the other side,
never the less their presence remains as long as they are in our hearts.

Revelation 14:13 
And I heard a voice from heaven saying unto me, Write, Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord from henceforth: Yea, saith the Spirit, that they may rest from their labours; and their works do follow them.

William Presley    Henry Preece     Sheridan Muncy
William Presley                            Henry Preece                                      Sheridan Muncy

Woodrow Sexton     Columbus & Nettie Tiller
Woodrow Sexton                                  Columbus & Nettie Tiller

Alonzo (Lonnie) Murphy          Woodrow Nichols

Alonzo (Lonnie) Murphy                                  Woodrow Nichols Jr.

Earnest Jude     Ellie Kirk    Earnest Harmon
Earnest Jude                                                 Ellie Kirk                                     Earnest Harmon

      TJ & Jewell Howell  Hayes & Floria Moore  Russell Kazee
TJ & Jewell Howell                            Hayes & Floria Moore                                  Russell Kazee

Ira & Elsavae Maynard       Aunt Judy     Dot Moore
Ira & Elsavae Maynard                                      Judy Maynard                                             Dot Moore

Henry & Fannie Murphy    Bill Bailey   E.E. Boy & Bertha Hale
 Henry & Fannie Murphy                                      Bill Bailey                            E.E. (Boy) & Bertha Hale      

Sarah Davis    Frances Harmon     Dolly Copley
Sarah Davis                                  Frances Harmon                                       Dolly Copley

Jimmy & Ollie Muncy     Clyde Simpkins    Laudie Muncy
Jimmy & Ollie Gauze                                        Clyde Simpkins                                         Laudie Muncy
Rebecca & Wade Harmon    Wade Harmon Sr.     Albert Preece
Rebecca & Wade Harmon                                  Wade Harmon Sr.                               Albert Preece

Albert Moore     Alice & John Moore     Homer Muncy
Albert Moore                                        Alice and John Runyon                                  Homer Muncy

Dorothy Jude     Eugene Jude    Mildred Moore    
Dorothy Jude                                                   Eugene Jude                                    Mildred  Moore  

Willis & Angeline Staton     Ray Jewell   Danny Maynard   
Wilis & Angeline Staton                                    Ray Jewell                                       Danny Maynard           

Jay Hinkle      Rogell Burchett     Genvia Mucyn Evans
Jay Hinkle                                         Rogell Burchett                                    Geniva Muncy Evans

   Bill & Vicie Moore     Floyd Evans    
Bill & Vicie Moore                                                                  Floyd Evans

 Hazel Harmon    Shorty & Shelby Harmon     George Pauley
Hazel Harmon                               Shorty & Shelby Harmon                        George Pauley

Benny Moore       Oliver & Sue Webb     Jody Moore
Benny Moore                                                Oliver & Sue Webb                                   Jody Moore

Wes Moore     Sarah Moore   Dennie Davis
Wes Moore                                                          Sarah Moore                                   Dennie Davis

Jasper Maynard         Steward Maynard     Sherman Evans
Jasper Maynard                         Steward Maynard                       Sherman Evans

Dolly Muncy       Pete & Ollie Preece     Laura Maynard
Dolly Muncy                                      Pete & Ollie Preece                                           Laura Maynard

Laura & William Presley     Jack Jordan

Laura (Large) & William Presley                                     Jack Jordan

Trinel & Dolly Simpkins     Bill & Myrtle Bailey

Trinel & Dolly Simpkins                                     Bill & Mrytle Bailey

Lemuel & Josie Muncy      Prentice & Ada Muncy

Lemuel & Josie Muncy                                           Prentice & Ada Muncy

Dewey & Grethel Helton     Gladys H. Hardin
Dewey & Grethel Helton                                                   Gladys H. Hardin
Hazel Harmon & Allen Harmon

Hazel Harmon & Allen Harmon

Rusty & Faye McManus        Dave & Lizzie Staton

Rusty McManus 1932 – 2000                                                Dave & Lizzie Staton
                  Faye McManus 1933 – 2011                                                                                              
          Together again in Heaven     

W. Jude     Oscar Irvin Small

W.  Jude                                                                     Oscar Irvin Small