History of the Church

History of


This is a photograph is of the Old Emily school house.  It sat about where our chuch is now. 
The school house was torn down and the church was built sometime later.

In this photo you can see The Church, well and outhouse

Union United Baptist Church at HOLTY
Photo of the Emily School House 1937

Union United Baptist also called Mouth Emily was established in 1861. We are a branch in the Old Zion Association of United Baptists. We use the King James Version Bible. 

Union United Baptist Church
March 1973

The Church

The Church

The Church House at located at Pilgrim, Kentucky (Old Union Church) was built in 1950. By members of the church to name a few that worked G.W. Moore, Evertt Moore, Albert Moore, Edgar E. (Boy) Hale, Alex Harmon, Marion Chapman, Tommy Kirk, Delbert Kirk, Lonnie Murphy, Archie Stepp, Roy Dempsey, Dewey Helton, Joda Moore, Orville Moore and Lemuel Muncy.

E.E. (Boy) Hale  Young Boy Hale    
Boy Hale was quoted as to having said
 “Except the Lord build the house, they labor in vain that build it.”


As members of the Christian Church, we confess that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the living God, and proclaim him Lord and Savior of the world.  We want to be a faithful, growing church, which demonstrates true community, deep Christian spirituality.  Our forefathers established this church and we plan to continue working for the up building of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Our mission is to be a light to the community by doing the will of God and share the Good News of Salvation through Jesus Christ in a loving, caring way. 

The Union United Baptist Church first started out over across the creek at Hotly.  Many years later the Lord blessed the congregation and they were able to build a new building where they could continue to worship our Savior, Jesus Christ. Since that time the church has gone through many physical changes and many enhancements have been made.

As you read about the history of the church you will notice the Union Church Building where we hold Worship meetings has gone through a lot of physical changes. 

The Union United Baptist Church started out holding Worship Meetings every Thursday at 7:00 on fast time and 6:30 on slow time.  Every 3rd Saturday they held Business meetings and on every 4th Sunday the Worship Service was at 2:00 p.m. On October 29, 1989, is when changes were made to have Sunday Worship Services every Sunday.

 On October 16, 1976 the church approved the installation of central air.  Before central air people had to use a paper hand held fan to cool themselves.  The church had to be extended to support the growth of members to the church. The church had 2 outside toilets one for men and one for women .  Indoor plumbing and bathrooms were added later in 1981.  

It was in 1950, when they finished the church.   The church didn’t have an indoor bathroom or running water at that time.  Russell Kazee used to bring drinking water in a bucket to the church and you drank from the dipper if you where thirsty. 

                Russell Kazee     water bucketwater dipper

Russell Kazee would leave his house early in the morning and would walk the 2 miles to and from the church. Then when he arrived at the church he would walk over to Marcelle Webb’s house (Jack’s residents now) and would use the well they had. The water bucket was lifted from the well using a chain on a pulley system and he would hoist water from it.  Also years later, he got a pump for the well which made getting the water much easier.  Russell always made sure the dipper and bucket were cleaned well because everyone drank from it.     

 The church used to have hard wood floors and the area around the puplit had green carpet. This was in 1978?
Hardwood Floors & Green Carpet

In (?) Ladies in the church sewed quilts to raise money to build an auxiliary.  In (?) the Auxiliary was completed. 

In 1977 the church was flooded.

In ???? The church was raised up out of the Flood level.

On May 19, 1979, during the business meeting the church approved to upholstery the seats in the church. The color orange was chosen.

On July 18, 1981, during the business meeting the church approved to hook onto the city water.

On November 11, 1982, during the business meeting the church approved to purchase of a vacuum cleaner. 

On March 20, 1982, during the business meeting the church approved to purchase of the lot next to the church.  

September 26, 1986, during the business meeting they approved to repair the floors.  It was then the church was extended and the men from the church moved the bathrooms from the back of the church to the front foyer of the church. 

Repairing the FLoors

October 29, 1989, at 10:00 a.m. the church held it very first Sunday School Lesson.  This is also when the church decided to hold Worship Service every Sunday at 11:00 a.m.    

In ???? Sunday School Classrooms we added so that the children could learn about Jesus.

On April 17, 1993 the church held a Family Night Picnic. The church members and friends gathered outside the church to have an outdoor picnic.

In ???? the Church built a picnic shelter.

In May of 1993, the church approved the purchase a riding lawnmower and a shed to keep it in.   

In ???? the Church held Wednesday morning services. 

In???? a Vacation Bible School was started. 

In???? the Church started holding a New Year’s Eve Watch Service.